3Design was founded in 1990• Office location is now in South San Francisco, California • Privately fully owned by Sorin Popescu • Efficient operations through maintaining operation cost down and balancing
between expenses and market environment • Survived two recessions Company Vision• Achieve customers expectations with high quality and cost effective products What differentiates 3Design from the competition• Focus on customer satisfaction - High quality products High quality materials State of the art production equipment - Competitive pricing - Safety - Timely delivery • Skills and experience of employees • Long time business experience • Loyal major customers ( 10-15 years) • Owner’s credentials Owner: Sorin PopescuCredentials: • MS in Architecture • Many years of experience in architectural design, commercial interiors design,
graphic design and signage both in Romania and USA • More then 15 years in signage business • Knowledgeable in building structural requirements • Experience with proposal preparation for permits issuance